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Website Advice For Local Businesses

Do you own your website?

website advice for local businesses

Owning your website means that you control your domain name, and you possess a copy of your website files. Those are the files that control how you website appears in an internet browser.

Local business owners realize that they should optimize their website for search, and user experience. However, this only makes sense when you actually own your website. Be very careful about investing your time and money in a website that you don’t own.

If you are just renting your website, then you have no control and few options. Cancelling a rented website is tricky because they may just shut it down. Then when people go to your website domain, they will see an error message instead of your information. What is your first thought when you visit a website that is not working? If it makes sense to you that you should own your website, before you invest in making it better, then let’s discuss ...

Where to start

The best place to start is with a consultation. Before making any changes you will want to know that your current website can be captured, if you cannot obtain your current website files. If you don’t already have control of your domain name, then check your contract to see if they are required to release it, when you cancel your services. If we have captured your current website and know you that can get control of your domain name, you still don’t want to cancel anything. The next step is …

Reconstructing Your Website

While your current (rented) website is still active, we want to confirm that we can reproduce what you currently have. This process will capture your images, page layout, and text from your website - the essential raw materials needed.

You can expect your rebuilt website to look better, load faster and be more compatible with the various web browsers. If your current website is not mobile friendly, it will be when we’re finished with the rebuild process. We won’t be using the same code that they used, we will simply be using your unique content and images, on an improved foundation.

Expect Some Resistance

If your current website managers have not been doing what they told you they would, then they will resist giving you control of your website domain name. Your request for control will indicate to them that you have become aware of something, that they hoped you would not find out.

However, your polite persistence will prevail. Once you have control of your domain name, the next step will be to put your website files onto a new webhost. You will want help with this because it’s somewhat technical, and there are multiple steps.

Why You Want To Own Your Website

why you need to control you digital assets

Treat your digital business assets like you would your keys.

If you have a website, you want it to be found by prospective customers, right? And you want it to convince them that you can help them solve their problem. However, it just does not make sense to spend money on a website that you don’t own, because you could lose all you’ve invested. Would you install new central air conditioning in a house that you’re renting? Of course not. You would only make that investment when you own it, and the same logic applies to your website.

Making Your Website Better For You

User Experience - improving the experience that your website provides your visitors helps make a good first impression with potential customers. If you do professional quality work, then you should present that professionalism to your website visitors. Make sense? Showing potential customers that they are in the right place, and that you can help them benefits you both.

Another improvement you can invest in is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This is a process of selling the value of your website, to search engines. This has many facets, and is ever changing.

Get Help Now

Your website is a asset for your business, when it gets you more online exposure, and helps convert website visitors into potential buyers you can talk with. If you are not getting found online, and your website doesn’t compel people to call you, or visit your retail location, then it’s just an expense.

I’ve helped other local businesses take ownership of their website. Some of them were paying hundreds per month, for a website that they did not own. Now they have the website files, and control their domain name(s). I have the ability, the tools, the skills, and the experience (over 10 years - full time) needed to help you. I can capture your existing website, fix the problems, and make it better than before.

Contract or Freedom - It’s Your Choice

I don’t trap my clients in a long term contract. Of course, there is an agreement between us for what will be done, and for how much. After that, you are free to continue working with me, or take your website files and work with someone else. In other words, you can leave any time you want. No Tricks. No Games. No Contract.

Many local business owners have entered into a website contract where they can not cancel early. It doesn’t matter how unresponsive their website managers are, nor how many promises they have failed to keep. They’re stuck.

Let’s Talk

Many small business owners are paying thousands every year, for a website that they are just renting! I’m on a mission to help local business owners get control of their online business assets.

Do you have questions? Do you want to own your website and improve how performs in search results? Are you interested in making your website a more effective online marketing tool? Use my contact form, or give me a call, to get honest answers to your questions.

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