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Website Management For Local Businesses

Managing Your Website Content

Keeping your website “up to date” with your business operations, helps you to get found for the products and services you offer. It also helps people who visit your website to determine that you can help them. The extra effort that you put into maintaining your website, leads to more phone calls and visitors to your business.

How much it will take to maintain your website depends on what you want to include on it. You may want your website to accurately reflect the products you offer. As your inventory changes, your website should be updated.

If your business is primarily a service business, as you add services, or products, those details should be added to your website promptly. We can also expand the helpful information on your website, which helps your business to be found more readily online.

website management for local businesses

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More Ways To Expand Your Website Content


Blogs are useful way to publish helpful information about your products, services and your company. A blog should be looked upon as a news channel for your business. You need to set, and stick to, a regular schedule of continually posting to your blog. If you do not regularly post to your blog, then there will not much benefit to your business.

Question & Answer Pages

You know those questions that you get asked over and over? You can save yourself some time, by posting those Frequently Asked Questions on your website, along with the appropriate answers. With your question and answer page, you are answering each question for many people at one time, instead of one at a time.

An added benefit of having a question and answer page is that it can help your website get found, when people search with those questions. Regularly adding other questions, and their answers, to your F.A.Q. page can further widen your online exposure, plus it can help your website visitors to decide to reach out to you for help.

Helpful Tips

Adding useful information to your website that helps your customers, is beneficial to you in several ways. These tips show your website visitors that you care, and that you understand their problems. Remember the quote that goes; “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Giving people advice that helps them understand how to take better care of what they purchased from you, or how to solve their problems with your products or services, positions you as the authority figure that they have been searching for.

Expanded About Pages

There are several ways that you can expand information about your business. For example, you could include a staff page, and maybe include employee “bios”. You could have a history section, a page showing how the company started, what your philosophy is, and where you see your company heading in the future.

Why Are Regular Updates Good For You?

As more and more websites are indexed, sometimes the information you find is relevant to your search, but outdated. To fix this, people will use the tools tab to filter their results. One available option is filter search results based on age. You can limit the results you see to the past year, past month, past week, yesterday, or in the past hour.

By regularly updating your website, you give the search engines reasons to come back to your website, and reindex your content. Remember, if your website never changes, there is no reason for the search engines to reindex your website content, nor add your website to the time filtered search results. The more competition you have, the more important it is to find ways to update your website on a regular basis.

Want to learn more?

Many small business owners are paying thousands every year, for a website that never changes! If you don’t need your website updated regularly, then you may be able reduce your monthly cost by only paying for hosting services, without website maintenance.

Do you want to know how well your website is performing? Request a no obligation assessment. The more your website helps your business get found online, the more valuable an asset it becomes for you. Are you interested in making your website a more effective online marketing tool? Use my contact form, or give me a call, and let’s have a conversation about what you want your website to do for you.

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